Welcome to my blog!

‘A professional schizophrenic’ would be the best way to describe me.

I studied Sociology to study the ‘soft side’, and Business Administration to understand ‘the hard side’ of organizations.

My passion is helping organizations to optimize their performance where the two of them meet … which is virtually the case for all issues organizations encounter.

Addressing behavioral issues without taking the (quantitative) business objectives of the organization into account is like playing tennis without net. Interventions solely aimed at addressing behavioral issues on an isolated basis often result in great discussions, but seldom contribute to the performance of the organizations.

On the other hand, addressing business challenges without taking human behavior into account, will forego the opportunity to create sustainable value by developing individuals in the process.

My mission is to develop organizations from prisons to stifle individual creativity, to platforms for growth. I have been lucky to be able to do that through my work in and with, among others, AT&T, PA Consulting Group, Shell, Swiss Re, Credit Suisse and LHH.

This blog contains articles and posts I have written on these, and other topics. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog belong solely to me.